So, why PuppyOnTheRadio?

The first thing I’ll get you to look at is the following.

It's a picture of a dog and a gramaphone... kinda obvious really

Now you’ll probably recognise this image, or at least what it has inspired. There is a music label called HMV, previously His Masters Voice. They have taken this classic painting, called His Master’s Voice, and used it, and later stylised versions of this have been used in their advertising.

My thoughts in looking at this is that the puppy is staring fixedly at the gramophone. Ignoring the title of the piece, he’s obviously hearing something that he feels he should recognise, but it’s not making sense to him.

I’ve noticed in our society we hear a lot of noise, much of it sounding reasonable and recognisable, but much of it making no sense.

None of that has any reflection on why I’m called PuppyOnTheRadio.


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