I breathe
Drawing your essence
Deep into my lungs
Filtering into my blood
Pulsing through me
Streaming through my veins

My pulse increases
Pumping you harder
Swimming through my brain
Harder to think
I can only feel

The tingling in my fingers
My skin taut like a drum
The slightest touch
Banging through me

My being throbs
The world recedes
All that remains
Is you

I breathe


4 thoughts on “Breathe

  1. This is such an erotic, evocative poem and I am reminded of D.H. Lawrence. The great thing about this poem, is it establishes intimacy through the physical description of body parts in a lyrical manner that portrays immediacy and urgency. Any sense of the physical is left behind and burnt away; we are left with the metaphysical and the spiritual. I love this poem. Mary

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