Gay marriage debate from a 14 year old perspective

Okay – I have never done this before, but Max, my 14 year old step-son, wrote the below, and I feel the need to share it.

More and more people are starting to say that marriage between two people of the same gender should remain banned. The main reason for this view is religion. However there are many people in Australia who have absolutely no reason whatsoever to dislike this idea, yet they dislike it anyway. My contention on this topic is that it should be legal, no matter what religion it goes against.

Denying two people the right of marriage is not only a violation of human rights, but a form of minority discrimination. The three main forms of discrimination are; Racism, Sexism, and Homophobia. Saying that two people of the same gender, regardless of race or gender, is not only plainly unfair, but also exactly the same as saying that we won’t allow inter-racial marriages, or saying girls can’t get married. Saying that girls can’t get married is completely insane, so why should same-sex marriages be any different.

If the government will allow civil unions, why not allow marriage? It is plain stupidity! Many religious people would be against civil unions, so why should marriage be any different? In the case of partners in civil unions, it would be a bit like people’s idea of heaven and hell; Stuck outside the gates of heaven, never to be allowed in, always looking inside. It would be the same with this argument; Allowed to be in a civil union, yet never allowed to marry. It’s a cruel, tragic love story without a happy ending.

Different groups of people (religious and racial) say that allowing same-sex marriage would be de-valuing the meaning of marriage. While this makes sense in some ways and I understand what they are trying to say, it really isn’t. After all, the majority of gay or lesbian couples would still have the traditional white wedding, the same traditional honeymoon, and live the same traditional lives of any other straight couple. Also it is insulting to tell someone they can’t get married because it “devalues the meaning of marriage”.

There is absolutely no difference between a straight couple getting married, or a lesbian or gay couple getting married. They’re both vowing to forever be loving to the other, so how is that any different?


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