Tip-off to Media Watch

This is a copy/paste to a tip-off that I sent to Media Watch. (NB edited to improve formatting only.)

Just a quick note here, that I would love to see more investigation into, of the news.com.au comment moderation policy.

Although I haven’t been able to find a written copy of the policy, there was this article here that expressed that they were moderating comments to remove ” However as a publisher we have a duty not to print comments that may be defamatory or would incite religious or racial hatred.”

Also “No decision not to publish or to edit a blog posting on the grounds of suitability is undertaken without proper consideration and sometimes apprehension of straying into perceived bias and censorship.”

Having said that, it seems the policy itself is actually the opposite – to actually use posts that only seem to scew an argument in one direction or another, and to potentially incite racial friction.

A significant number of the comments refer to “Muslims” and “building mosques in every street” and “their own law”, yet the article itself doesn’t mention the Islamic faith. However others who have supported this campaign – which is a reiteration of what is actually put forward by the ABS here

This, admittedly, may be an isolated incident. But given this particular incident, and many other comments that are published in other forms, I’m wanting to know why it is that many comments are excluded, including one that was reposted (although slightly extended) here, and other comments that are openly hostile to a religion/racial background are included.

In short, it appears that the moderation policy has stumbled over the lines of censorship and headlong into propaganda.


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