There is no blog post here

Given that I’ve already shown how horridly sporadic my writing of posts here is, and I have recently ceased being an active editor at Uncyclopedia, I thought I’d add a post about posting on a blog.

The problem is, I actually have nothing to say today.

Had a job interview the other day that I was knocked back on due to the fact that I was “over-qualified”. Which is amazing as I have the right level of qualification to be a janitor.

I am going for another interview at the same place, which is for a similar role. I have been advised to undersell myself to avoid the same outcome.

I’ve finally managed to get Centrelink to accept my claim for assistance. So they now recognise that I’m not working. This was difficult. Me telling them and my employer telling them wasn’t enough – they also wanted me to prove that what they already had had proven was true.

But I’m digressing. Which isn’t surprising. I’ve always been of the opinion if you have nothing to say, spend so long saying it that nobody realises that you have nothing to say.

Of course, now that I’ve explained that trick it probably won’t work in you, as you are obviously an intelligent reader. Otherwise why would you be here?

So, uh, yeah.

One kvetch for the day though. It amazes me how people who have recently complained about the use of the word “bogan” have gone in to defend the racial slanting of an 11 year old as a “ni**er”, and the use of a racial slut directed at indigenous Australians shown on prime time tv yesterday.

Yep. Done.


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