In response to Class war festers in hated bogan zeroes

First of all, The Age appear to have no idea of what the book is about, assuming that they have read it, or the book itself is a self-contradictory mess.

The opening line states that “The bogan is a myth” and then goes on to discuss what a bogan is, and how they are treated. And then turn around and say later that bogans are indefinable, and then use that as an argument to state that as they are indefinable they therefore don’t exist.

I’m annoyed by the concept of ill-defined means non-existent. If I was reading through an act of parliament that defined swearing as “up to the discretion of the individual” then I would argue for clearer definition. But when you are describing something in relationship to sociology or psychology, then you are expecting to come across an ill-defined concept.

Take the clearest possible example – Love. How many authors, poets, and big-hair bands have tried to define love? Yet it still remains ill-defined as it is an emotive term. Much the same with bogan – an emotive concept, but also a young term in regards to the English language.

But, all that aside, the basic premise is “Lay off the bogans as it’s just an excuse for class division.”

To which I would say that bogan is a term that, in many cases, encapsulated Australianism, regardless of class, but focuses on traditional Australian definition, which removes a multi-cultural understanding.

Let’s consider it this way. Have a look at the examples that are used in the article to shed light on what is a bogan. Every individual is white, and of those that are grouped the majority is white.

Personally, I have no issues with bogans, or boganism, for the most part. But just like any sub-culture, when taken to the extreme, it becomes nasty.

Shane Warne, and his attitudes towards women in the past, typifies a mindset that is very bogan. Taken further it becomes an entrenched society where women are seen as objects to be subdued and conquered. Just look at one of a dozen rugby scandals over the last few years, and keep in mind that what is seen in these cases us often the tip of the iceberg. Or look at the ADFA issues recently.

Or maybe look at the attitudes towards different ethnicities. The rioters in Cronulla, by and large, could be seen as Bogan. And how could you get mire bogan than Russell Crowe’s work in “Romper Stomper”.

So, by that token, I am anti-bogan in as much as boganism is a form of orthodoxy. It states “I am right as I am part of the majority, and anyone outside of that mindset is alien, and to be treated as subservient.”

Please, feel free to wear your Ed Hardy or your flannelette shirts. Listen to your AC/DC while driving along in your commodore ute. But the moment you treat anyone as less than, don’t expect me to show you any sympathy.


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