The second day

Editorial note: The opinions contained within are stupid.

I’ve just been reading about the psychological profile of suicide bombers. They are, in general:

  • Educated
  • Male
  • Motivated by the idea if a heavenly award (per se, virgins)
  • People attracted to underground movements

So in saying all this, and moving it to a more recognizable context, this suggests that if they were in western culture, they would be gamers.

So, extending on this thought, their apparent reward in heaven ends up being a bunch of virgins. So these guys will end up in heaven having 72 virginal girlfriends.

So these guys, with their lack of social skills and experience with dating, and suddenly being the male interest of all these young girls who also have had minimal experience in the dating world.

Which says to me that if you were a female in a culture that created suicide bombers as a socially acceptable lifestyle choice, then your best move for a happy afterlife where you’re not stuck vying for the attention of a single geek against the wiles of 71 other girls, is to either become a supporter of Sappho, or get rid of that nasty virginity thing as soon as you can.

Seems logical to me.


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